Data Resources
Data Type Datasets Inclusive Date Remarks

Standard inpatient Data Records (SIDR)

Jan 1989 - Present

PASBA receives copies of the SIDR feeds from all ARMY MTFs inpatient MTFs are required to transmit the SIDR twice a month on the 5th and the 20th.


Standard Ambulatory Data Record (SADR)

Oct 1985 - Sept 2012

PASBA received daily copies of teh SADR feeds from all ARMY MTFs. The SADR has been replaced by CAPER.


Comprehensive Ambulatory/Professional Encounter Record (CAPER)

Oct 2010-Present

PASBA receives daily copies of the CAPER feeds from all ARMY MTFs daily. The CAPER replaced the SADR and it is a more comprehensive set of data elements (256 vs 64) for the outpatient encounter.


Daily outpatient Workload Daily Report (DOWDR)


PASBA receives the DOWDR from all ARMY MTFs daily.




PASBA receives daily outpatient files and weekly inpatient files.



2007 - Present

The M2 contains numerous data sets and it si accessed using Business Objects XI (BOXI). This same data set is available to analysts at most locations.


MHS Data Repository (MDR)

Varies by file

The MDR is a SAS programming environment and access is limited. All MHS data is processed into the MDR before being put into M2. Some data sets are only available in the MDR.